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Tyler Porter

CEO / Co-Founder

Tyler discovered his passion for video production and photography in high school when he ran his school's televised morning broadcast. He went on to receive his degree from Full Sail University and earn an MBA from Utah State. Tyler has worked on thousands of productions with clients of every industry. He is a social media expert and understands the value of putting the right message in front of the right person. By combining his ten years of video production experience with his marketing skills, Tyler effectively portrays our clients to their customers.

Kallie Porter

Co-Founder / Photographer

Seven years ago, Kallie started seeing the world through her lens. Her talent is borderless; with portraiture being featured in the marketing campaigns of national brands, wedding magazines, and displayed in hundreds of homes. Both her portrait and wedding photography have been formally recognized in national competitions. The clients of Porter Pro Media depend on Kallie to make them look professional and approachable in their marketing. Kallie has spent many years understanding how to build a social following and she uses those skills to help others' build their own following.


Tavann Young

Chief Development Officer

Tavann has been in the advertising world for over 5 years. Tavann's years of experience of listening to business owners explain their needs, developing an effective plan to meet their budget, and then oversee their campaign is what makes him the critical component of the Porter Pro Media team. Tavann's role at Porter Pro Media is to oversee every detail of every marketing campaign– from social media to SEO and everything in between. Throughout his career, Tavann has seen an ever-growing need for businesses to take their online image seriously. And as a social media pro on the Porter Pro team, Tavann makes that happen.


Mitch Russon

Chief of Strategy

Mitch joins Porter Pro Media after years of building revenue streams for several different in businesses in different states. After graduating with a Communications degree, Mitch went to work with Weber Shandwick in Chicago. Shortly thereafter he transitioned into the entertainment industry, working with a number of creative firms in Los Angeles. He has worked with creative brands and IPs including Oscar Meyer, McCormick & Company, Star Trek, and Bandai NAMCO. Basically, he’s our resident Swiss Army knife, with background in PR, entertainment, and management. Mitch is the perfect fit for our Chief of Strategy, and he is here to help take Porter Pro Media to the next level. We’re confident in his talent, and he’s confident in ours. Symbiosis.


Tanner Murri

Project Manager

Tanner is a wordsmith, plain and simple. His writing has generated thousands of views on his personal blog, and now he’s bringing that voice to Porter Pro Media. While completing his coursework as an English major, Tanner realized the importance of understanding audience, finding the words to both signify and resonate. He’s an expert at finding the differentiating factors in businesses and accentuating them for specific audiences. In other words, he’s going to tell your story, he’s going to tell it well, and he’s going to get it in front of the right people.

Brittany Hargis

Director of Digital Marketing

Brittany has always loved finding the perfect solution to a problem. Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of businesses turn their websites around into lead-generating, money-making machines. Our clients love working with Brittany because she listens to their needs and then creates a customized solution to work for their business and their budget. Her experience with SEO and web design fits in perfectly with our model here at Porter Pro Media. By combining Brittany's ability to create modern websites that can be easily found online with the eye-catching content we produce and strong social media campaign we manage, the sky is the limit with Porter Pro Media.


Mark Richardson

Creative Director

There hasn’t been a day in the last ten years that a camera wasn't in Mark’s hands. In his high school days, he made music videos with friends and photographed for the school newspaper and yearbook. After graduating from BYU-I in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a Minor in Photography and Graphic Design, he began his professional career as a photographer. Mark’s photo and video work has been used in national campaigns and featured by large corporations. As the head videographer at Porter Pro Media, Mark is responsible for creating meaningful videos that move people; his work speaks for itself.


Josh Miller

Associate Creative Director

Since discovering his love for video three years ago, Josh has become an award-winning videographer, and when you view his work, you’ll see a talent that is unmistakable. His hope is to bolster and elevate the already upper echelon production value at Porter Pro Media. Josh most enjoys telling stories, which makes him an asset to our team in more ways than one as his eye captures details that many others cannot. His passion lies in creation, and he continues to prove that with everything he produces.


Corbin Chamberlain

Executive Assistant

It has been two years since Corbin decided he wanted to dive into the world of online marketing. As a current student of BYU-Idaho, Corbin enjoys being able to learn about the impact that social media has on businesses and then turn around and watch it in action at Porter Pro Media. He has seen first-hand how businesses benefit from a post on social media or a video he has helped produce. Playing a part in the creative process that directly helps businesses and their customers is something that Corbin can see himself doing for a very long time. And the Porter Pro Team is excited to have him on board.

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