Search Engine Optimization

It sounds fancy, but SEO is really just another way to help your business look great online. An SEO campaign can help your business become more easily found for the products you sell or the services you offer. SEO can help reach both existing customers and new customers. SEO can put you ahead of your competitors. And SEO goes hand in hand with social media marketing. Porter Pro Media can help you with all of the above. How convenient, right?

As an SEO company in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we are able to offer competitive SEO prices to our clients across the United States. We work with national brands to rank on Google for their products and services. Our clients that own small businesses here in Idaho Falls (and in the other cities) depend on our SEO services to make sure that their company grows. In today's market, SEO can make all the difference.

SEO Case Study

Andersen Hitches

Andersen Hitches is an industry leader in the towing products world. And while they have always had great brand-recognition, they haven't always ranked well in search engines. They needed a strong SEO campaign to help their customers find their products online with ease and increase their online sales.

The first step was to identify competitors as well as the products that customers had the hardest time finding online. Taking the time to fully research the issues and the current standing is critical to setting goals and executing a plan.

After the research phase was the optimization phase. By creating helpful pages that answer customer questions and suggest the appropriate product, we were able to provide the perfect pages for Google to rank as the top result for search queries. Building a healthy backlink profile allowed us to start outranking competitors.

SEO is only worth it when you can get a return on your investment. After improving the rankings for branded and non-branded phrases, we knew it was time to start converting searches into sales. After an eCommerce web design, we were able to start driving consumer sales as a result of our SEO efforts.


The SEO Stats:

398% increase in Search Visibility
420% increase in Online Sales


Are you ready to see what else we can do?

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