Content Marketing: Giving Value, Getting Results


What Is Content Marketing?

We’ve all heard the term, but what is it really? The Content Marketing Institute defines it as

“... a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Let’s break down this definition and why it matters to your business!

Creation and Distribution

Content creation is typically the biggest obstacle that businesses have to overcome with Content Marketing. The amount of time and energy that it requires makes it difficult to execute. Most business owners fail at this point because it can be so difficult. We see a lot of businesses hire an internal marketing person/team, but this doesn’t always solve the issue. Taking a concept and making it a reality can be a long process and typically requires equipment and actors that are outside their scope. If possible, hiring out the project to a production company becomes the best option, but can prove costly in most cases.

Once a piece of content has been created, distribution of the content is our next hurdle. Traditional media platforms have a variety of limitations. Time is the biggest restriction that comes to mind. So often I see businesses try to say everything they can about their upcoming sale in a 30-second TV spot or 60-second radio spot. These are the ads we all tend to ignore because we’ve become numb to this type of advertising and our minds simply don’t process this type of content anymore. Creating a piece of content that is memorable and provides valuable information to consumers is the best way to win your audience. Online/Social Media platforms have fewer restrictions but are easily missed because of the amount of content that lives there. So, how do you win on these platforms? Simple, stand out and get people to stop scrolling. Ok, there's more to it than that, just keep reading!

Create Valuable, Relevant, and Consistent Content

Everyone likes to watch a funny GIF or an oddly satisfying video. We consume these videos for entertainment purposes. We all have social media accounts to stay connected and to be entertained, not to be advertised to. We’ve all watched a YouTube video where we can’t wait until the “skip ad” button shows. The reason we want to skip these ads is because the content is not valuable, relevant or entertaining to you. The ads that you DO watch beyond the skip button timer will typically possess two of those characteristics.

Consistently creating content that is relevant and valuable to your customers should always be your marketing strategy. Business owners ask me, “How do I know what’s valuable to my customers?” I tell them to start creating content based on their most commonly asked questions (pain points). This is where the value is built. Relevancy is achieved by targeting tactics on the platform you are using. It is also achieved by creating content around industry trends or viral media.

Attract and Aquire a Clearly Defined Audience-

Attraction comes from content that is unique, obscure, relevant, and influential. This type of visualization is how you get people to stop scrolling through their newsfeed and stop on your ad OR commonly known as a hook. A strategic thumbnail or ensnaring headline oftentimes is enough to capture someones attention for several seconds.

Acquiring a customer by the means of content marketing requires a “Pros” touch. Creating content just to create it is asinine and short-minded. Even the “oddly satisfying” videos we all watch have a purpose (Hint-it starts with “m” and rhymes with honey). Having a strategy behind each piece of content you create and a follow-up/retargeting strategy is key to winning. Your strategy needs to define a target audience of people that you want to make into customers. This should include age, sex, location, interests(i.e. Industry leading companies/brands, consumer behaviors before purchasing from your business, etc.) and more if possible. This information can help you to understand which advertising platforms are best for your content to be distributed on.

Driving Profitable Customer Action

The purpose of marketing and advertising is to drive profitable customer action. Being able to attribute an ROI to your marketing has been a struggle in the past. The digital age has brought us the ability to track ROI better but still isn’t perfect. Pay attention to your bottom line as a business owner and listen to what people are saying about your brand and your content. People love to tell you that they’ve seen your content. If they’ve seen it, then odds are, so have others!

About me: I’m Tavann Young and I’m the Chief Operating Officer at Porter Pro Media. We are based in Idaho Falls, Idaho and provide content creation, marketing strategies, and online presence management for businesses. I love growing businesses through creative content marketing. My favorite part of my job is working directly with businesses and helping them achieve things they didn’t think were possible!