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Diamond Ranch Academy is a therapeutic boarding school located in southern Utah. For over twenty years, DRA has helped thousands of families with teenagers that struggle with defiance, substance abuse, and behavorial issues. The on-site team at Diamond Ranch Academy is comprised of licensed therapists and medical personnel, certified educators, performing arts and athletic directors, and even a culinary team.

The 55-acre campus features a full high school, dormitories for girls and boys, a stadium, and a barn where students benefit from equine therapy. The team and campus help to promote a well-rounded lifestyle for each student. The combined efforts of everyone at Diamond Ranch Academy shows in the change that each student experiences. Teenagers that have lost themselves to negative influences rediscover their passion for life and their future at DRA. Needless to say, this is no average boarding school.


The Problem

Diamond Ranch Academy focused the entirety of their marketing efforts on PPC (pay-per-click). While this can be an effective platform to gather leads and generate interest in the school, it was very expensive to maintain and difficult to manage internally without the help of a professional. For months, Diamond Ranch Academy attempted to manage it on their own. After a decrease in leads and an increase in cost, it was time to call Porter Pro Media for help.


Our Solution

Before any project we start, the Porter Pro Media team spends time researching. We reviewed the entire Google Adwords account and analyzed the process of enrolling a student from the day the ad is displayed to the day they enroll. We reviewed the target demographic and compared the most successful ad groups to the least successful. We analyzed the website and investigated what the existing funnel process was to capture leads on the website.

After thorough analysis, we pitched a complete overhaul of the Google Adwords account. We wanted to redefine what a "conversion" meant and limit it exclusively to the parents that successfully filled and submitted the interest form on the website. This would more accureately represent the success or failure of the PPC efforts made and the budget used. We also pitched a new website that catered to mobile users and was more conversion-focused. And finally, we pitched the integration of a strong Facebook campaign featured beautiful videos. This would allow us to retarget users with a video ad on Facebook after they visited the website.



Within just 2 months of launching their new website, Diamond Ranch Academy saw a 472% increase in Facebook followers, a 778% increase in overall social interaction, and a total of 1,592 lead form submissions. Seeing strong growth on social media and an increase in PPC impressions is important, but the real question is whether your investment with Porter Pro Media will pay for itself. Within those 2 months after launching the new website, Diamond Ranch Academy enrolled 18 students -- double that of the previous year. Diamond Ranch Academy achieved a 1,773% ROI on their PPC campaign during that time!


Client Testimonial

I have worked with MANY digital marketing companies over the last 15 years. Out of all the companies I have worked with Porter Pro Media is by far the most responsive and honest. Every member of the team that I have worked with has been stellar! We currently use Porter Pro to manage our SEO, PPC, social channels and consulting.
— Dan Borchardt | Admissions Director

Web Design and Development

The new website for Diamond Ranch Academy keeps the two calls-to-action visible and available at all times: the phone number and the option to fill out a form for a Free Brochure. The homepage was built to showcase the enormity of the campus and amenities in a beautiful way. A video banner features many highlights at Diamond Ranch Academy. The next section gives a brief overview and real numbers of the results that they have achieved as a school. The menu structure of the website was drastically improved and simplified to help parents learn about the most important elements of Diamond Ranch Academy: about the school. therapy, academics, testimonials, help/financing, and contact. The website speed improved ten-fold and is now much faster. The website was also customized to make it easier for DRA to manage and edit when adding new team members. Full integration with Infusionsoft helps Diamond Ranch Academy to manage incoming leads.


Social Media

Our goal with Diamond Ranch Academy was to build a campaign that not only provided them with leads of parents with struggling teens, but created a voice of hope for parents with struggling teens. We built the campaign to help address pain points and allow people to know there was a safe and effective option to help their struggling teen. To do this, we put together a variety of messages and creative elements that helped communicate a message of hope. Through a blend of video, photo, well-crafted messages, a website optimized for leads, and a lead generation social campaign, we were able to provide 1,700 leads over a 3-month period and achieve close to a 500% ROI.