Why your business needs great product photography


Never judge a book by it’s cover.

While the old saying may still ring true, another truth in the commercial world is that your media represents your business.

Faced with the cost of professional photography or videography, business owners sometimes attempt to find a lower cost alternative and take images themselves or hire an amaeture. Resist this temptation.

Low quality images will communicate that your business and your products are the same - low quality and unprofessional. Your website, social media accounts, and advertising will deliver your potential customers their first impression through images. You’d better make it a good one!


Behind the Scenes

- 3 Days of Product Photography -
Idaho Falls Product Photography Crew

Porter Pro Media was recently hired to produce high end product photography and videography for one of our clients. We thought sharing a behind the scenes look would help give those considering hiring a product photographer some insight into the process for getting high quality product images.

Every successful product photography shoot has some key elements.



Does your product lend itself to being photographed in a certain environment? A kitchen, bathroom, garage, workshop? Help your target market visualize where and how your product will be used. Sometimes it’s best to isolate the product completely and photography it in a studio. The key is to have a strategy and make a plan for the best location to photograph your products.



A professional product photographer will be an expert at using available light or sculpting artificial lighting to make your products look amazing. Unfortunately, even the best photographers can’t control the weather, but with the right equipment and experience, they can create sunlight even on a cloudy day, much like we did on a recent shoot in Lehi Utah. You can see in the following photo how we rigged a high powered light to create artificial sunlight in a kitchen on a overcast day.



A really important element to great product photography is styling. A product or food stylist’s job is to make sure the tiny details of the photoshoot are taken care of. They will prep and stage the product to make sure it is free from fingerprints or dust. They use specialized tools and techniques to make sure a product and props look amazing on camera. If you are using talent or models in your product shots, a stylist can help pick wardrobe and ensure that color schemes match and help support the brand.

On some shoots, the photographer can act as a stylist but depending on the complexity it can be essential to have an experienced stylist managing props, surfaces, wardrobe, food prep, composition and more. During the shoot, the photographer works closely with the stylist to frame the shot and then make small improvements to the scene until the best possible shot is constructed.

A skilled stylist was able to make the office space in the photo below look like a bathroom by bringing in props such as tile, a basin, towl, faucet and greenery.


In summary, your business deserves to have high quality media representing it. Good product photography will help people get to know you and your products. Great images will help you get found on the web and will be engaging on social media. Indeed, content is king, and great product images are a requirement if you want to compete in today’s market.

Porter Pro Media can help with any of your product photography needs. Click the button below to get more information about professional product photography from your friends in Idaho Falls.