Why do you need a professional SEO company?


If you are a business owner, you’ve probably received approximately 2,188,635 spam calls from telemarketers posing as Google. You’ve been offered SEO, promised to “rank at top of Google” within 24 hours, and probably received more spam emails than you care to remember. If you rejected the calls, reported the number, and marked these emails as “Junk,” you did the right thing.

 Let’s set the record straight on search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization is one of the many ways to increase the traffic to your website. By improving your placement within organic search results and enhancing your website’s structure and content, SEO can help attract more visitors to your website and encourage more engagement on your website.


Why do you need SEO?

First of all, there are times where SEO just doesn’t make sense for a business. Sometimes, SEO doesn’t bring the same return that a business can get by focusing on social media advertising or other forms of advertising. But for the most part, SEO is a valuable marketing strategy. In fact, 61% of marketers said that improving organic SEO search and reach as their number one priority. 


Why does your website need to rank?

When you search for something on Google, there are usually 10 organic results that display on the page. In a study of 5,000 Google Searches based on position on the first page and the percentage of clicks that the position received, it was found that 43% of all clicks on the first page go to the top 3 positions. The #1 result on Google gets 20% of clicks.

Your website needs to be easy to find when customers and potential customers search for your business name, products, and services. If you aren’t on page 1, it’s time to start taking your SEO seriously.


What to look out for when hiring an SEO company

If you receive an unsolicited email from an SEO Company, it’s most likely a scam. But in case you still aren’t sure, look at these three factors:

SEO is not a service sold by Google (and it probably never will be).

If the company emailing/calling you says they work with Google, run. In Google’s own words:
“Google never accepts money to include or rank sites in our search results.”

SEO results are not something that anyone can guarantee.

If the company emailing/calling you is making any guarantees, run. In Google’s own words:
“Your prospective SEO should be able to give you realistic estimates of improvement, and an estimate of the work involved. If they guarantee you that their changes will give you first place in search results, find someone else.”

SEO takes time and money.

If the company emailing/calling you says that their SEO package is a one-time fee or the price sounds too good to be true, run. In a survey of 357 SEO companies, the most popular hourly rate was $100-$150 and 55% of SEO companies charge more than $1,000/month.


What to look for when hiring an SEO company

Good references.

Your SEO is an extension of your business. You should treat the search for an SEO company as you would searching for an employee. Ask questions. Ask for references. Ask to see examples of work and success stories. 

Now: listen.

The interviewee should ask their own questions. If they show a genuine interest in your business, ask questions about it, your history, services & products, your existing marketing efforts, and competitors, they are showing signs of being a decent SEO.



Shameless Sales Pitch Time

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis wrote a song called Ten Thousand Hours that referred to the theory that if you spend 10,000 hours on something, you can call yourself an expert on that subject. Porter Pro Media has over 5 years of experience in SEO and well over 10,000 in hands-on experience. We are often a top choice Idaho Falls SEO company for local businesses and national companies. And we would love to work with you too. Get in touch with us and let us interview for the position to improve your online positioning.



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