Top 5 Drone Shots


Drones are everywhere now and are constantly being used as tools to tell better stories through video and photography. They’ve opened up a whole new world and have allowed creators to reach new heights and capture shots previous only possible with prohibitively expensive helicopters and camera rigs.

If you are just starting out in droneography, it can quickly become apparent that just putting a flying camera in the sky is not enough to get interesting and useable shots for your video project. The rules of composition, light, movement, and story are still important to getting good drone material.

How you move the camera (or not move it) is important to the message you are trying to communicate. There are 5 very common drone camera moves that can add a lot to your aerial videography.


The 5 Drone Shots
You Need to Master are:

  1. Push/Pull

  2. Crane

  3. Orbit

  4. Bird’s Eye View

  5. Reveal


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