I Rebuilt Our Entire Website On Squarespace In A Week


What’s your first thought when someone at your office says:

“Hey, we should redo our website.”

I think it is safe to say that groaning, coming up with excuses for why it’s not a good time, or just bursting into tears would all be appropriate responses...if you don’t plan on building your website with Squarespace.


Why did we choose Squarespace?

A few months ago, our company became an official Authorized Squarespace Trainer. Basically, we are really really good at building websites on Squarespace and they trust us enough to train others how to design on Squarespace. We are the only ones in this state that have this title. So we thought we better redo our website to be hosted on the platform we love the most.


So, how did we rebuild our
entire website in Just One week?


Squarespace is EASY to use

The CMS (content management system) is incredibly easy to use. The system easily allows for editing text, adding new pages, and customizing the look of the entire website without any coding knowledge. Features that cost extra with local web design companies here in Idaho Falls come standard with every single Squarespace website.


We already had the GOODS

Since we already had all of our images, videos, and content from our old site, it was easy to move it over to the new site. We highly recommend that before you start designing your website, you take the time to plan out your content.


Squarespace is naturally PRETTY

…and lets you make it even

We picked a template to start with and then started customizing it like crazy! Fun SVG icons, cool hover effects, and even simple text effects to make the site feel more like us. It didn’t take long to make it entirely different from where we started. See the original template for yourself here.

So while you don’t have to understand code to have a Squarespace website, it definitely helps if you want to take it to the next level.


Launching is a BREEZE

It’s a little underwhelming when you launch a website with Squarespace if you have ever had to launch a site with a different web host. Squarespace makes it really easy to prep your site, get it all kinds of SEO-ready, set up redirects from your old page, and click GO. If you happen to host your domain with GoDaddy, Squarespace handles all of the DNS changes.


Let’s talk Shop

Squarespace allows you to pay annually or monthly, but the monthly price is $26/month. If you built the site yourself, that’s the entire cost. No upfront fees.

If you want someone to help you out and design it for you, that’s where Porter Pro Media can help. We are pros with Squarespace and can save you time and money. A Squarespace site designed by us qualifies for a discount on your monthly pricing.

We can launch your new website within a few days and without a painful price tag. So when you are ready to tell your website-migration migraine to take a hike, click the button below:

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