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How To Conquer The Endless Scroll

In today’s culture, people have a SHORT attention span. On social media, this especially rings true. It used to be that people were forced to watch your TV commercial, people were stuck listening to your radio ad. But in the social media world we live in now, people will scroll right past your ad if you don’t give them a reason to stay.

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Story Time with Tanner

On our homepage, you’ll read the words, “We don’t create ads. We tell stories.” Which, admittedly, is a very easy thing to claim. Anybody could say that. So I’ll show you what we mean, in case you think that we just sit around the office, talking about creating bomb-ass content all day, execution optional.

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Using Fans to Boost Your Reputation

You've probably heard of the term "influencer marketing" by now– if not, influencer marketing is simply a partnership between an influencer (typically a person with a large social following) and a brand. This type of strategy can be extremely beneficial for brands, but can often...

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