4 Types of Videos You Should Be Creating For Your Business


You may have heard that video is huge for business right now, but if you are inexperienced with modern marketing you may have no idea what types of video you should be creating for your business.

The answer is as simple as paying attention to the types of video content you consume in a day or week. Video is everywhere and for good reason. It is simply one of the best ways to communicate information, ideas, and emotion in our digital world.

There are at least 4 types of videos that I believe are a baseline. If you aren’t creating these types of videos then you need to be! You may have an identical product or service to your competitor but if they are using video to tell their story and you are not… well, then you are missing out on potential business and revenue. 


The 4 basic types of video that you should be
creating for your business are: 

The Customer Testimonial

If you start to pay attention you will see these everywhere. Customer reviews and testimonials are everywhere. You have likely asked someone you trust for a recommendation for a product or service. People buy from people they trust and customer testimonial videos are an excellent way to build trust in your business.

These types of video can be more interesting than just a talking head singing your praises. Tell the story of your best customers and highlight the amazing things they do.


We created this video for Adventure Orthodontics:


This format works well for almost any business. Here is another example we created for software firm LabStats:


About us

People buy from people they trust, but they also buy from people they know. What better way to introduce yourself and your employees than an about us style video? This type of video is your chance to tell your story. Why are you in business? What are you passionate about? What do you do outside of work? All these things put a face behind your brand and help people relate to you.


Ingram’s Jewelers in Idaho Falls already have a terrific reputation. We created a video that helped introduce them to those that didn’t already know them.

Product/Service Feature

The job of educating the customer about a product or service used to fall almost exclusively to the salesperson. Well-trained salespeople are still critical to the success of any business, but now most consumers are doing their product research before they even think about contacting you or stepping foot in your store. Product videos can not only educate the consumer but help start the sales process by building desire and helping consumers visualize themselves using said products.


There are many different types of product videos. In this video that we created for wellness brand Kyani, we show how a busy businesswoman and mother benefits from a new line of travel size skin care products.


Some products or services require more explanation and education and video is a great format for quickly conveying complex information. Sometimes, all that is required is to show the product in use. Take this fun product video we created for Action Motor Sports:


The Manifesto

The manifesto is an extension of the About us video. A manifesto video communicates a powerful message of the bigger “why.” If people like your product or service that is great, but if they also like and agree with the bigger picture, the “why” or the culture and feeling behind your company, they will become brand ambassadors for you. 


Here is an example manifesto-style video the at video production crew at Porter Pro Media created for Apple Athletic Club in Idaho Falls.


And here is another example of using this style of video that helped Action Motor Sports to define their Action Man tribe.


Creating video content for your business can be difficult when you are already busy doing what you do best: running your business. We always suggest hiring professionals to create quality video content that will represent your business in the best possible light. If you would like to get started, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the video production department at Porter Pro Media. 

We’ll make the process simple, efficient, and effective. You’ll be treated with a production experience and video content that you’ll love. But more importantly, video content that produces results and makes a meaningful difference in your business.